Full-Service Gym Billing

Girl stretching in gym

Focus on what you do best – connecting with your members – and leave the payment processing, billing, and collections to us.

Our software is backed by our team of billing and collections experts who are committed to getting you paid on time – taking the hassle of chasing payments out of your hands. We act as an extension of your business when following up on payments, and treat your customers as if they’re our own.

How does it work?

eFit Financial will automatically process your recurring and one-time EFT bank drafts and credit card debits for a small percentage fee (one of the lowest in the industry) based upon the amount collected.

If a payment is rejected, our Member Services Team will attempt to resolve the transaction problem quickly on your behalf through a series of courteous telephone calls and notices. You will only be charged a fee if we’re successful in collecting the payment.

eFit’s gym billing and collections services include:

  • Accurate and customizable accounting reports that are easily accessible through our web-based gym software
  • Direct contact of your members by eFit for credit card & EFT reject follow up
  • A dedicated 800 phone number provided for your members to contact eFit directly
  • Full-service collections support to take the stress of chasing payments off your plate
  • Unlimited software training and support from our highly-rated implementation and technical support team