Below is a small sampling of gyms, health clubs and fitness centers that use eFit Financial for their club management software and full-service billing, collections and member call-center requirements:

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Success Stories

Gym Owners Make Better Business Decisions with eFit Financial

GymX, Derek Dalton, Owner, Waco, TX

With eFit's reports, it's easy to reconcile my accounts and stay on top of my finances. The existing reports make sense, and if I need something extra, I know my account rep will be available to help anytime.


Access to easy-to-understand financial reports has always been the key to making good business decisions for Texas-based gym owner and manager, Derek Dalton. When he bought GymX, he inherited club management software that made it impossible get the answers he was looking for.

The reporting was frustrating, and when I would call the help desk for support, they couldn't even tell me what the information meant.


Derek was already familiar with eFit Financial, and the benefits of clear reporting and responsive customer service — so he decided to make the switch. The eFit team made the changeover easy and guided him through the transition over a 30-day period.

Our account representative helped us out during the whole process, so it was stress free.


From an operational owner's perspective, financial reports are everything, says Derek. With eFit's reports, it's easy to reconcile my accounts and stay on top of my finances. The existing reports make sense, and if I need something extra, I know my account rep will be available to help anytime.

As an added bonus, eFit Financial's full-service billing support has taken the task of managing returns and delinquencies off Derek's plate — so he can focus on growing his business. When it comes to dealing with past due accounts, eFit goes out of its way to do the extra little things to bring accounts up to date before they become delinquent.

The Training Room Avoids the Hassle of Chasing Late Payments with eFit Financial

The Training Room, Brett Kisro, Manager, Freeburg, Illinois

Not having to deal with monthly payments is a big load off my shoulders, says Brett Kisro, the gym's Manager. The customer service team is always quick to resolve any account issues that arise, and the technical support is phenomenal.


Brett wanted to spend his time working with clients — not chasing past-due payments. It's a process that can often cause tension within the client-trainer relationship.


eFit Financial took the stress of managing member billing and payments out of Brett's hands. Their professional account managers handle all the gym's billing, payments, and other account issues.


eFit Financial deals with members directly, so he can stay out of the billing and payment process altogether. Training Room members have come to know and trust eFit Financial as the gym's billing partner, making the process worry free.

Family Fitness Relies on eFit's Unbeatable Billing Services and Customer Service

Family Fitness, Jay Gomillion, President, Philadelphia, Mississippi

eFit's customer support is better than I could have expected. They don't just sell you software — they're personable, knowledgeable, and they’re really interested in helping you get the results you want.


Jay had 300 members signed up before he even opened the doors of Family Fitness in 2007, and a goal of signing 1500 members within six months. With that volume, he knew he didn’t have the time or resources to handle the billing and customer service aspects of the business on his own.


Jay looked around for a company that would provide easy-to-use and reliable member management software, as well as billing management services. He chose eFit Financial over other solutions because they offered the best package and price for his needs — in addition to being the most pleasant, responsive, and attentive to deal with.


eFit Financial's easy user interface makes the process of training new employees quick and effortless. Over the years, the support team at eFit has provided Family Fitness with service that is hard to come by — helping Jay make changes or modifications to his system or create specific reports as he needs them.

There have been times when I've gone to them with ideas, and they've helped me think of even better ways to do things — they always make sure I get exactly what I need.

eFit Helps Health Trends Fitness & Aquatic Center Adapt Services for the Changing Needs of Members

Health Trends, Ted Marsico, Manager, Dennison, Texas

eFit never leaves us hanging — if we encounter a challenge or need to make a change to our processes, they always do their best to help us out.


After reviewing his gym's business model a few years ago, Ted decided to make some changes to the way memberships were managed.

He wanted the primary members on contracts to have the ability to add and remove secondary members at any time, and he needed his system to align with the new policy.


The eFit Financial support team helped Ted configure his system so that secondary members could be easily transitioned on and off contracts.


Health Trends transitioned to their new membership policy in a way that was seamless and fair for their customers. What could have been a very long and difficult process takes us under five minutes because eFit took the time to understand what we needed, and then totally met our expectations.


Every day, thousands of the world's top gyms, health clubs and fitness facilities rely on eFit Financial to make their businesses run smoothly. See what they have to say …

I've been using eFit Financial with my women's weight loss center for two years. They provide excellent value matched by helpful and knowledgeable customer service. Their Club Advantage software program is very user friendly with everything you need to run and control your business and track members with up to the minute current information. The eFit Oracle system provides you with secure online access to your business at anytime and from anywhere. They've made the whole process very easy to manage.

Jorge M. - Miami, Florida

What can I say, the products are the best in the industry, and the customer service is awesome. The tech support is second to none. My members are happy and my club thrives. I would highly recommend this company to anyone seeking the best software products and the people to back it up!

Jimmy C. - New York, New York

“I looked into every company I could find when starting my gym. I was seeking the right balance of price vs. service. What I found was that anyone who was lower priced, didn't offer near the amount of services, and no "collections": phone calls, problems with payments follow-up, etc., which is crucial for a gym. And every company who did, was priced much, much higher than eFit!

eFit had ALL of the services anyone would need for their gym AND they had the lowest price! Their customer service has been a complete 10 as well. Every employee I've dealt with from any department has been great! I highly recommend eFit for any gym or fitness facility; you definitely won't be sorry by choosing them.”

Christopher H. - Greenville, South Carolina

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